WS500 Configuration Tool Windows X64

WS500 Smart Regulator Configuration Tool, Configure Version

Not sure which version you need?  Here’s a quick overview:

If you just want to monitor your already installed and configured WS500 then the free version is likely all you need

If you want to be able to edit your profile, adjust regulator settings and backup/restore your profile, then the “Config” version is likely what you need

If you want to have all of the above functionality plus do comprehensive troubleshooting, fine tuning and historical data logging then you need to go with the “PRO” package

Windows 64 bit file format.  Works on Windows 7 SP1 Windows 10.  XP is NOT supported.

This purchase is valid for 2 installations and the license can be deactivated within the App to move it to another machine.

This tool works in conjunction with the WS500 regulator to provide monitoring, configuration, programming, and troubleshooting functions depending on the version you purchase.  It will also work with the older VSR regulator versions 2 and 3.  For more detail watch a quick video by clicking the red arrow in top corner of the product image. Detailed instructional videos can also be found in the Videos page.

It connects to the Smart Regulator using a standard USB cable and several instances can be run concurrently to simultaneously monitor several Smart Regulators.

This is a digital download product and no physical media is included.  After your purchase you will receive an email with your download link and registration code.  If you misplace your code you can always find it in your user profile information at this site.

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